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Wisdom of Shaltazar



We hope the wisdom in these oracle cards will help you live a more fulfilled life, allowing you to experience more contentment, happiness, joy, peace, and love more of the time.


About the Wisdom of Shaltazar Oracle Cards

A unique 55 card oracle deck + guidebook

They are inspired by sacred geometry, numerology, the guiding stars, moon, sun, elements that affect us, as well as nature and messages from the Universe.

This deck gently helps you connect with your inner power. It’s a tool to receive messages from your guides, and guide you on your journey of healing and self-discovery.

Each card is created through intuition, with mystical symbols and added meanings. They’re meant to show a part of who you are and remind you of your purpose.



Let Go of the Plan

You may believe success requires a plan and without that plan you will wander aimlessly, never getting what you want in life. But let Us assure you that is not true. Having a well-thought-out plan may make you feel safe and in control, but that is an illusion. Although you live on the planet of free choice, there is a power greater than you could ever imagine directing things in a way you cannot comprehend. Following your plan may push away potential miracles which could make your life incredible. It’s time to accept the mystery of life so you can access the power of the Higher Realms. Let go of the plan so you can tap into your intuition. You will only do so by loosening the control you insist on having in your life. You may not be aware you are planning, but anything which feels limited, rigid, urgent, structured, or logical is probably a plan. Become more open to the synchronicities and magic all around you…


Acclaimed life and spiritual coach, channeler, and Hay House author, Jeffrey Eisen left the corporate world at the age of 50 to embark on a journey of self-discovery. He spent over 30 years building the small family business into a multi-million dollar enterprise. More than 15 years later, he continues to dedicate his life to awakening, empowering, and inspiring others by sharing his love and wisdom. He has helped hundreds of executives, entrepreneurs, healers, parents, couples, and young people experience radical change through coaching, healing, meditation, and inner work.
About 10 years ago Jeffrey tapped into the energy of Shaltazar, a divine entity that comes forth through him in the written and spoken word. He realized that the powerful messages from Shaltazar were changing the way he saw the world and his place in it. Through healing circles, group channelings, and private spiritual coaching, Jeffrey continues to bring the wisdom of Shaltazar to the many. 


He has come to believe that this wisdom is best understood and integrated in a more sensory way. He, therefore, decided to create the Shaltazar website incorporating audio, video, and the written word in hopes of sharing this divine wisdom with as many people as possible all over the world.

In these rapidly changes times, many of us are facing challenges and struggles that are more intense and overwhelming than ever before. We are desperately seeking “answers” that will help us get to a happier and more fulfilled place. Life is moving so quickly that the answers we’re looking for often elude us—passing us by as we busily live our lives. But when we stop and take the time to listen, the answers we’re searching for can be heard.

The teachings of Shaltazar allow us to interpret life from an entirely different perspective; offering insights that help us experience more peace, harmony, and contentment. These messages allow us to slow down, look inward, and connect to a power so great that radical change cannot be stopped. No matter what’s going on in the world around you or in your own life, the wisdom from Shaltazar will help you experience greater inner peace. These messages will set you free.


Find love, become love,
and share your love with the world.



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