Unleash the transformative power of the Wisdom of Shaltazar Oracle cards!

Experience the power of this wisdom in three exciting ways! Engage with the traditional Oracle deck, masterfully crafted to guide you into a realm of discovery. Dive deep into the wisdom with the elegantly designed guidebook, featuring the insightful commentary of Mark Layne and the mesmerizing artwork of Sara Sanguino both adding deeper meaning to Shaltazar’s messages.

Elevate your experience with the enchanting audio collection with the soothing voice of Claire Ottewell bringing the profound messages to life.

And for wisdom on the go, access the entire deck effortlessly through the Deckible app on your smart devices.

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Wisdom of Shaltazar


Oracle DECK & guidebook

Step into a world of profound wisdom and transformative energy with the Wisdom of Shaltazar Oracle Cards. This enchanting deck is your gateway to a journey of self-discovery, empowerment, and spiritual enlightenment, meticulously crafted to bridge the realms of the ethereal and the tangible. Here’s what makes the Wisdom of Shaltazar Oracle Cards a treasure for seekers of truth and growth:

55 Oracle Cards: Each card is a unique conduit of Shaltazar’s wisdom, designed to guide you through life’s complexities. The number 55 resonates with change, transformation, and personal growth, making this deck a powerful tool for those ready to embrace their journey.

Rich, Symbolic Artwork: Crafted by the talented Sara Sanguino, the cards are adorned with vivid, evocative imagery that brings the ethereal messages of Shaltazar to life. Each illustration is not just a visual treat but a gate to deeper understanding and introspection.

Insightful Guidebook Accompanying the cards is a detailed guidebook penned by Jeffrey Eisen and Mark Layne, offering interpretations and narratives that bridge cosmic wisdom with practical guidance. This companion book enriches your reading experience, providing clarity and inspiration.

Dive Deeper


Listen to the messages


Experience the transformative power of the Wisdom of Shaltazar Oracle cards in a captivating audio collection.

Each card is brought to life through the ethereal voice of Claire Ottewell, also known as The Oily Witch. Her unique delivery channels the essence of Shaltazar, immersing you in a world of spiritual depth and enlightenment.

The collection is not just an auditory experience; it’s a journey for the Soul. With each card, you’ll hear the soothing, harmonious melodies of Narek Mirzaei (Music of Wisdom). This blend of celestial insights and calming music creates a multisensory experience that resonates deeply, allowing the profound messages of Shaltazar to permeate your being.

Purchase the audio collection now and embark on a journey of spiritual discovery and enlightenment.

Listen now to Message #27
Think Less, Feel More



So, dear traveller, are you ready? Ready to step into the river of change, to dance with transformation, and to embrace the light of your own intuition? The cards are drawn, and the journey beckons.

Yet, in the whirlwind of daily life, it’s not always easy to carry your Oracle Cards with you but fear not. The ingenious Nick Kellet has conjured a solution as magical as the oracle itself. Introducing an app that bridges the gap between physical and digital realms, ensuring the Wisdom of Shaltazar Oracle Cards are always within reach, right on your Smart Device. Featured proudly on the Deckible App, the sacred insights of Shaltazar now accompany you on all your adventures, seamlessly integrating Divine wisdom into your everyday life. 


Embark on a Journey to Spiritual Enlightenment with a Personalized Shaltazar Oracle Card Reading



Join Jeffrey Eisen, the Channeler of Shaltazar for an unforgettable session that promises to be highly transformative. The Shaltazar Oracle Card Reading sessions are an adventure into the depths of your Soul, offering wisdom and insights that can profoundly change your life in a big way.

What Awaits You: Begin your session with the mystical selection of an Oracle card, specifically chosen to resonate with your unique spiritual path. Let the Universe speak directly to you, offering messages of deep significance through these Divinely inspired cards.

Delve into the rich tapestry of meanings each card holds, as Jeffrey provides expert insights and interpretations. His guidance will shed light on your path, revealing opportunities and challenges in a way you’ve never seen before. 


Engage in a vibrant conversation that invites you to explore how the Oracle card’s wisdom weaves into the fabric of your life. This open dialogue promises to inspire and challenge, pushing the boundaries of your understanding and spiritual growth.

Enhance your exploration by getting the full video recording of your session to be reviewed at your leisure. As well you will also receive a beautifully designed PDF of the card message and commentary. As a bonus, you will also get the audio track of your Shaltazar Oracle card message. These resources are designed to deepen your connection to the Divine messages and support your continuous growth.

Don’t miss this chance to transform your spiritual path with your own Personalized Shaltazar Oracle Card Reading. Join me on this enlightening journey and let the wisdom of Shaltazar illuminate your way to personal growth and understanding.



Acclaimed life and spiritual coach, channeler, and Hay House author, Jeffrey Eisen left the corporate world at the age of 50 to embark on a journey of self-discovery. He spent over 30 years building the small family business into a multi-million dollar enterprise. More than 20 years later, he continues to dedicate his life to awakening, empowering, and inspiring others by sharing his love and wisdom. He has helped hundreds of executives, entrepreneurs, healers, parents, couples, and young people experience radical change through coaching, healing, meditation, and inner work.
About 15 years ago Jeffrey tapped into the energy of Shaltazar, a divine entity that comes forth through him in the written and spoken word. He realized that the powerful messages from Shaltazar were changing the way he saw the world and his place in it. 


Through healing circles, group channelings, and private spiritual coaching, Jeffrey continues to bring the wisdom of Shaltazar to the many. 

In these rapidly changes times, many of us are facing challenges and struggles that are more intense and overwhelming than ever before. We are desperately seeking “answers” that will help us get to a happier and more fulfilled place. Life is moving so quickly that the answers we’re looking for often elude us—passing us by as we busily live our lives. But when we stop and take the time to listen, the answers we’re searching for can be heard.

The teachings of Shaltazar allow us to interpret life from an entirely different perspective; offering insights that help us experience more peace, harmony, and contentment. These messages allow us to slow down, look inward, and connect to a power so great that radical change cannot be stopped. No matter what’s going on in the world around you or in your own life, the wisdom from Shaltazar will help you experience greater inner peace. These messages will set you free.


Find love, become love,
and share your love with the world.



Sara is a multimedia designer and with experience in digital and print design​

She strives to create designs that have a clean and modern aesthetic, while maintaining a fresh and whimsical feel.

In 2017, Saraz Design Studio was founded with the intention of helping consciousness and wellness experts share their message of wisdom, service and healing with the world.

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A writer in his own right, Mark is blessed with the ability to distill complex, esoteric ideas into easy-to-understand prose. Tapping into his own cosmic wisdom, Mark collaborated with Jeffrey to craft unique interpretations of the Shaltazar messages in the hope of broadening their appeal.

The Shaltazar Oracle Cards are the result of one such collaborative effort. Mark is honored to be a part of this project and overjoyed to partner with his good friend and kindred spirit to expose the wisdom of Shaltazar to curious, spiritually inclined minds in this unique, divinely inspired format.




Hailing from the enchanting realm of Sussex, Claire the Oily Witch casts her spells with a voice that dances like flickering flames. Infused with the ancient wisdom of her ancestors and the aromatic essence of her magical potions, Claire’s voice weaves tales of mystique and wonder. Whether brewing potions or reciting incantations, her voice enchants all who dare to listen. As a mystical practitioner of the arcane arts, Claire the Oily Witch uses her captivating voice to conjure enchantment and ignite imaginations across realms far and wide.